Car Key Replacement Services

Car Key Replacement Services

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Car Key Replacement Services

If your car keys have gone missing, they were stolen, or they are simply too worn-out or damaged for you to safely use them any more, give us a call. The All In One Locksmith team specialises in professional car key replacement services for all makes and models of vehicles. We can efficiently cut new car keys for you on the spot and charge the most competitive prices in town. Our crew can also remove any broken lock key parts from your ignition switch or door keyway, offer jammed door lock repairs, and make duplicate keys if you still have a physical key as a sample.

Why Hire Our Car Key Replacement Near Me Service

Car keys can be replaced in a number of ways. You can either visit a local car dealership, watch a do-it-yourself tutorial online, or hire professional car replacement services that can reach your address and replace your keys on the spot. This is the safest and most affordable solution out there. A car dealership will usually charge you extra, but their work is normally reliable. The do-it-yourself alternative might be the most convenient price-wise, but it will be entirely based on your capacity to make the right choices when searching for quality products online. If you want both good pricing and top-quality keys for your car, a locksmith is a way to go.

Our expert car locksmiths guarantee your protection against unscrupulous sellers looking to make you purchase faulty equipment. Plus, by hiring us you will completely get rid of all the guesswork and get more peace of mind knowing you will benefit from the correct solution at fair prices.

Broken Car Key Replacement Services

Over time, a car key will be subject to prolonged use and a lot of wear-and-tear that will eventually cause it to become too damaged to function normally. If you have started noticing your car key has small dents on it and this impedes your capacity to smoothly and properly lock and unlock the car, give us a call. We can assist you by immediately replacing your car key with a brand new key or several keys, if necessary.

Also, if your car key shows clear signs of warping and cracking, you should immediately have it repaired or replaced by a specialised locksmith. Any delay could start causing damage to the ignition and locks. This would automatically inflate the final bill compared to the simple process of replacing a broken lock. The fact that our mobile locksmiths can reach you at any address no matter the time of day or night will save you even more money and hassle.

Missing Car Key Replacement

In order to benefit from our convenient car key replacement near me service, it is not necessary to still have the original key. While having the original key to your car will simplify our work to a certain degree, this is not a mandatory step of our key cutting procedure. In order to provide you with the correct replacement car key for your vehicle, our certified automotive locksmiths will look up the right key code. In case of car keys that only use fobs and have no metal blades on them, having an extra key will speed up the cutting process. After carefully checking your ownership of the car, we will proceed to cut the new key using the correct Vehicle Identification Number or VIN that all vehicles have.

Types of Car Keys We Service

Whether the bow, bitting, blade, shoulder wards, or tips on your car key are worn-out, damaged, or broken beyond repair, our skilled locksmiths will know exactly what to do. Here are some of the most common types of car keys that we can replace for you:

  • Standard Car Keys. Made of metal, they are the simplest and most common types of cars keys that are extremely easy to replicate and cut.
  • Transponder Car Keys. These keys have an easily recognisable feature in the form of the piece of plastic used to cover the top. Beneath the respective plastic lies an electronic chip. The chip has been placed there to send radio signals to the car’s ignition switch once the transponder key is inserted. Once the ignition will successfully identify the correct frequency of the chip-emitted signal, the car engine will start. Without the right transponder key, the engine will fail to start. This makes the chip an excellent deterrent for car thieves.
  • Wafer Car Keys. These models feature grooves at the top and bottom and they work similarly to the pin tumbler models. Lots of wafer keys feature transponders on them. These require programming to ensure their functioning. The All On One Locksmith car key cutting team is here to assist you with wager car key cutting solutions on a 24-hour basis.

Competitive Car Key Replacement Services

We understand how stressful it can be to not be able to access your vehicle because of a missing or broken key. We also know how time-consuming it can be to endlessly search for a reliable locksmith shop or towing service to help you move your car and regain access to it. Our expert car replacement service can eliminate all these problems for you. We are fully trained, experienced, and equipped with the latest key cutting tools and software. We charge the most affordable car key replacement and new car key cutting services in the area. Get your free price estimate from us and let us show you why we are the most reputable locksmith in town.

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Our Prices

Home Lockout $30*
Car Lockout $25*
New Lock Installation $60*
Mobile Locksmith $30*
Car Key Replacement $60*
Lock Re-Key $25*
Car Key Extraction $40*
Master Key System $40
Mailbox Lockout $25*
Trunk Lockout $30*
Mailbox Change $90*
File cabinet Change/Lockout $60*
Safe Installation & Service $60*
Spare Key Duplication $60*
Door Key Extraction $50*
Window Lock Installation
* $19 Service Call fee