Car Lock Repairs, Installation & Replacement Service

Car Lock Repairs, Installation & Replacement Service

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Car Lock Repairs, Installation & Replacement Service

No matter if you are on the look for a new car lock installation service in your area or you are searching for a quick car lock repair, we are the people for the job. We specialise in all types of car locksmith problems and we can assist you with fast and affordable solutions that wil fit your needs and pocket size.

Popular Car Lock Repair Services We Are Hired to Do

Are you thinking about upgrading your obsolete or vulnerable security system on your car? Do you need a new door lock installed because your old one keeps getting jammed? Give us a sign and we will schedule an appointment at a convenient date for you. We can also immediately send over a mobile car locksmith crew in your proximity to instantly replace any damaged car locks preventing you from entering your vehicle.

These are some of the most frequent car lock services we are asked to do:

☑ Car door lock assessments
☑ Broken or jammed car lock repairs
☑ New car lock installation
☑ Damaged car door latch repairs
☑ Central locking system failure solutions
☑ Car lock replacement
☑ Car trunk lock repair
☑ New trunk lock installation

Our Car Door Lock Repair Protocols: Testing & Assessing

Our extensive experience working with hundreds of different makes and models of vehicles has allowed us to develop a highly efficient broken car lock protocol. The procedure begins with a detailed lock assessment that will allow us to understand if the car can be locked and unlocked with physical keys or automatic car keys, depending on the model. Our technicians will want to know whether the keys are getting stuck or if the automatic lock system is faulty and requires any repairs or replacement. At times, they may also perform the following test: they will turn off the engine, shut the doors, and press down the lock button on the remote to see if the car can be locked properly or not.

At the end of the testing phase, our certified lock technicians will recommend the best course of action based on their earlier findings.

New Car Lock Installation Services

In case of a severely broken car lock that does not support any repairs, our pros will recommend new car lock installation on all doors. They will also tackle the ignition switch barrels for you and make sure to install a new lock for the car’s ignition. We cover all car makes and models and we guarantee a flawless new car lock installation job that you will be entirely satisfied with. No matter if you need assistance with installing the latest remote car locks or a standard model, we are here to help.

Car Lock Repair Services Near You

If your car lock is not broken beyond repair and there is still a chance for our professional locksmiths to have it fixed, rest assured they will do just that. One of the hardest decisions when it comes to locks, in general, is whether an old, obsolete, or worn-out lock should be replaced with a new one, or whether it it can still be saved. While there is no universally accepted answer to this dilemma, there are certain factors that should help you decide. Our locksmiths know just what these factors and they can help you decide when it is time to bid goodbye to your old car locks and make room for new ones, or hire our expert car lock repair service instead.

If you are not sure about one or the other, contact us. We will thoroughly assess the mechanism of the lock and the die-cast zinc or brass inside, the protruding cam, and the overall state of the stainless steel or steel that the lock is made of. Next, we will test the lock and determine its exact state of functionality to decide which parts may need replacement or repair.

Car Lock Repair or Replacement for Standard Key Entries

These are the most common types of car door locks currently in use and they are usually found on older models. They rely on standard locks that require a key for locking and unlocking. These locks are inexpensive to repair or replace compared to more expensive car locks. Spare keys are also a lot more convenient price-wise. The locks feature an interior knob that can be easily pulled up to unlock the car and pushed down to lock the door up.

Electronic Lock Installation or Repairs

Modern cars usually feature electronic locks with key fobs that enable drivers to operate the locks by simply pushing a button. These locks make car break-ins a little more complicated. Nonetheless, replacing or installing an electronic lock is costlier since it is a process that requires special coding or programming for the exact make and model of the vehicle.

Keyless Entry Lock Replacement and Repair

While these lock models completely eliminate the need to use a key to access the inside of the vehicle, their complex mechanism makes them more expensive to repair and install. They work together with key fobs meant to detect either the car’s lock or a keypad placed onto the door. Some of these keyless locks will prevent the engine from starting provided the right key fob is not in the immediate vicinity of the car.

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Home Lockout $30*
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New Lock Installation $60*
Mobile Locksmith $30*
Car Key Replacement $60*
Lock Re-Key $25*
Car Key Extraction $40*
Master Key System $40
Mailbox Lockout $25*
Trunk Lockout $30*
Mailbox Change $90*
File cabinet Change/Lockout $60*
Safe Installation & Service $60*
Spare Key Duplication $60*
Door Key Extraction $50*
Window Lock Installation
* $19 Service Call fee