Everything You Need To Know About Locksmith Scams

Top 5 Things You Should Know About Locksmiths Scams

Unfortunately, locksmithing is an industry that tends to attract lots of scammers and con artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. If you have never hired a locksmith before or you have had an unpleasant locksmith experience in the past, please consider a few essential tips from the All In One Locksmith team. As a trusted and well-established locksmith in the city, we would like to raise more awareness on this sensitive topic.

#1: Not All Locksmiths Will Try to Scam You

While you might find it a bit more difficult to come across trustworthy locksmith services, we can assure you that not all locksmiths are scammers. Our long experience in the industry, flawless services, well-trained team of licensed and insured locksmiths, and utmost respect for your clients have turned us into the number one locksmith in the area over the years. While we are set to always run that extra mile for each and every single client that reaches out to us, we are definitely not the only locksmiths who work like this.

Nonetheless, because of a few bad apples in the basket, some people wrongfully believe the entire locksmithing industry. This is simply not the case. As long as you can remain vigilant and know just how to spot a red flag, your experiences should be pleasant and fair every time.

#2: Scammers Display Extremely Low Prices

Locksmith scams usually begin with an “irresistible” price or special deal meant to bait you. A price that sounds too good to be true is usually a red flag. Move on and look for a different service f you come across Google ads with ridiculously low prices. While fair and competitive prices are a trait of reliable locksmiths, no locksmith will realistically be able to afford to come to your address for less than the gas money for their van.

#3: Locksmith Scammers Use Subcontractors

However, you may not find out this until they will actually arrive at your location in an unmarked van with unequipped locksmiths that are not wearing any branded overalls. Usually, locksmithing companies that display incredibly low prices outsource their work to a variety of subcontractors, some more skilled than others. While some of these contractors may be skilled enough to get a simple lock change job done right, some of them will generally be handymen with no actual locksmithing license that will have a hard time tackling more difficult jobs.

#4: It’s Always “Complicated”

This is yet another common locksmith scam that you may come across. A company that will try to lure you in with extremely cheap prices will usually send over an unlicensed locksmith who will change the initial price. They will argue that they have discovered a severe or complicated issue with the lock that requires a much more expensive repair method than the one they initially quoted you. This way, they will try to take advantage of inexperienced clients who have never dealt with a locksmithing service before and have no idea how residential or car locks work. We strongly recommend you improve your knowledge of locks, keys, and other security systems using the dedicated articles you can find on our website. Learn a few basic things about the way locks and keys work and what are the most common repair, replacement, re-keying, or duplication techniques used for the models of locks you own. It is also important to know how to decide whether it is time to install a new lock or whether re-keying an existing lock would be smarter and more affordable. Also, learn a few differences between car key duplication and replacement services. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the less likely you are to fall into the trap of a potential scammer trying to sell you an overpriced service you do not actually need.

#5: Locksmith Scammers Will Not Offer Price Quotes

If a locksmith refuses to provide you with a price estimate for the job you are looking to hire them for, and they are not even willing to ballpark an estimate, look someplace else. This is another big red flag that you may be dealing with a scammer. The best locksmiths will have no problem transparently displaying their prices on their website, mentioning any additional fees they might need to charge for special services. They should also be able to provide you with clear, transparent, comprehensive rice estimates with zero obligations.

What Else to Keep An Eye On

If you notice the locksmith’s website is heavily advertised online, this is usually another sign of a potentially shady service. Legitimate locksmith businesses will not usually need a massive amount of ads, as their well-established local reputation, word of mouth, and positive reviews from former clients will speak loud volumes for them. While a decent amount of advertising is not a red flag, make sure to keep an eye on companies that seem to be flooding your browser with nonstop advertisements.

The lack of a phone number and physical address on their website or their refusal to accept credit cards for payments are additional problems that may indicate you are dealing with scammers.

Sadly, the locksmith scamming industry is said to be worth around one billion dollars and it keeps flourishing year by year. Being an informed client knowing how to spot fake businesses will save you from a lot of trouble. If you need a reliable locksmith to assist you with your locks or keys, you can feel confident to give us a call and count on our trustworthy services.


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