High-tech Entry Locks

How to Choose the Best High-Tech Entry Locks

High-tech entry locks are excellent means of strengthening security on your property and keeping your family or employees and prized possessions better protected against a plethora of perils. They are designed to provide more security against all sorts of break-in attempts. High-security locks are also more expensive compared to conventional cylinder locks. If you are curious to learn what are a few of the best high-security door locks that you could invest in, keep reading. 

How the Shop for High-Security Locks 

Pay attention to the exact type of high-security lock you need. Different locks serve different purposes, so decide what kind of locks would best suit your space. While many people opt for high-security locks in areas where security officers consider the risk of illegal entry is higher risk, there are also plenty of instances where insurers and even government regulations may actually ask for these locks to be installed due to their high resistance to various break-in attempts. 

Another thing to do is consider the number of locks you actually need. Chances are you may wish to get several locks around your commercial space or home. This automatically means purchasing several high-security door locks at the same time. Focus on finding high-security door locks in packs of two.

Consider the build quality and the construction materials used for the locks. Pay special attention to locks made of stainless steel, zinc, allows, and other high-strength metals which are sturdy enough to keep your space well protected.

Why Do You Need High-Security Restricted Key Systems?

High-performance cylinder systems are excellent for large master key systems in office spaces. Some of the best systems feature over 20 potential pin positions arranged in different rows. This makes them some of the safest systems you could use to keep lock picking attempts at bay, along with any other bumping, raking, key, impressioning, or key manipulation attempts. The best cylinder options feature rim, mortice, cam lock, euro, or bible cylinders. They are usually found in the form of specialised padlocks and switch cylinders.

Make sure you opt for models that carry certification proof from SCEC, which is the highest level of Secure Area use that can be installed at government facilities. You could also keep a close eye on high-security locks with local and global patents. Choose your preferred profile, whether the oval profile, the euro profile, or the insert alternative. 

Whether you need a high-security lock to use on your home or apartment building, you need to secure a hotel or lodging facility, or you want to offer more protection to an office building, power utility, clinic, or school, take your time when selecting the most suitable model for your needs. 

Pros of Using High-Security Locks 

These locks provide enhanced security by fulfilling high-security standards due to their radially positioned tumbler pin rows, top-quality materials they are made of, and the precision milling and build of their cylinders. 

They also offer excellent protection against key copying attempts since they feature security cards and their milling is completed with the help of computers. High-security locks also offer protection against key blanks and they represent an excellent investment in your security in the long term. 

It is also possible to expand a key system at any moment in time and integrate it into an electronic locking system. High-security locks also offer extra convenience in use thanks to the reversible key that can be easily inserted into the cylinder in any position. With little to no maintenance needed and a modular build that allows the cylinder cores to be used in different other types of cylinders, these options definitely come with a few important advantages. 

Key Control in High-Security Lock Systems

Key control is one of the most important aspects of using a high-security system. First of all, the term has been used rather loosely in the industry to talk about patented keys and different distribution strategies that can prevent the duplication of keys off-site. Nonetheless, security pros and expert locksmiths understand that by stopping the external duplication of keys, they are only reaching the tip of the problem. Household members or employees that lose, misplace, lend, or have their keys stolen are also essential elements to consider. The same goes for people coming and going periodically, spaces going through renovations, and other similar changes at an internal level. No matter what high-security key system you might use, your high-security locks should be able to offer the highest levels of protection possible. 

Resistance to Picking and Drilling Attempts 

One of the greatest weaknesses of standard locks is represented by their vulnerability to lock drilling and picking attempts. This is primarily since they come with classic standard pin-and-tumbler locks which make them more prone to lock bumping. Bumping is a type of lock picking that involves the use of a dedicated key for the manipulation of the pins. Bumper keys and other similar tools are some of the most frequent solutions used by thieves. 

High-security locks, on the other hand, have special anti-drilling and anti-picking cylinders with inserts made of hardened steel, pins that rotate, sidebars, and other similar options that make them almost impenetrable.

If you are determined to replace your standard locks with a sturdy high-security lock system that can withstand manipulation and numerous forced entry attempts, give us a call. We specialise in the entire array of high-security locks suitable for a vast array of customers. 


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