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Ignition Cylinder Replacement Services

Looking for a quick, affordable, and experienced car ignition cylinder replacement in the area? Give us a call! Here at All In One Locksmith, we specialise in the entire range of car locksmith services including emergency repairs in a remote location. We are available on a 24-hour basis and we can reach you in less than half an hour. Hire us and let us make any faulty or jammed ignition cylinder issues go away in the blink of an eye.

We travel in vans packed with top-tier ignition cylinder repair and replacement kits and advanced key extraction tools that guarantee a zero-damage job every time. We can easily assess and tackle all types of ignition cylinder problems on all makes of vehicles, old or new, no matter what might have caused the issue to begin with.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement Services We Offer

The car’s ignition lock cylinder is the mechanical part that the vehicle uses to start the engine. It is shaped like a cylinder and located inside the ignition switch. The ignition cylinder is the electrical component that serves the direct purpose of locking the ignition. While many people believe the ignition switch and the ignition cylinder are interchangeable terms that refer to the same car component, this is false. In reality, the ignition lock cylinder refers to the mechanical tumbler where the keys are inserted. The ignition switch refers to the electrical component that is used to send power to the car.

Whether your vehicle has the ignition cylinder welded on the steering column to the right side just behind the steering wheel or you are using a push-to-start mechanism, we are here to assist you with professional replacement services. If you have noticed that your key tends to get stuck in some positions, you cannot insert them or remove them from the lock, or you are unable to power your car, you might be dealing with a faulty or worn cylinder that requires repairs. Over time, because of repetitive use, both the cylinder and the key will start wearing out. Eventually, the mechanism will get jammed when attempting to do something as simple as sliding the key and turning it. Whether you are dealing with a problem that is strictly related to the ignition lock cylinder or you suspect the ignition switch might also be faulty, get in touch with us. Our reliable auto locksmiths will assess the problem, diagnose it and recommend the most efficient and affordable solutions.

Broken Lock Ignition Cylinder Assessment

To diagnose a faulty ignition cylinder, our locksmiths will look for a number of signs, including:

  • A key that refuses to turn, normally caused by the interior pins located inside the tumbler that are too worn-out to function normally
  • A key that is extremely hard to turn. A damaged ignition cylinder will become very hard to turn after repeated jiggling and fiddling attempts.
  • The anti-theft warning light is turned on. Provided the cylinder belongs to an anti-theft system, the interior contacts of the cylinder are likely to fail and trigger a warning light on the dashboard.

Our locksmiths will also look for other possible causes of the problem that are not necessarily related to the cylinder. The list may include a dead battery on the vehicle, a faulty or worn-out key, the car not being in park, or dirt build-up inside the mechanism. At times, the transponder key’s chip might fail to send the right signal to the ignition for one reason or the other. This means the vehicle will fail to start, making you believe the ignition cylinder or switch is the culprit.

All these issues could trigger similar problems with the ignition cylinder, which is why it is important to know for a fact what has caused the issue before proceeding to take down the lock cylinder in vain.

Why You Need Our Mobile Ignition Cylinder Replacement Solutions

Depending on the nature of the problem, our locksmiths will recommend the best plan of action for ignition cylinder replacement. The procedure will firstly require the airbag system to be disabled prior to disassembling the steering column. This is why it is critical to only rely on fully trained and experienced car locksmiths who know how to handle this sensitive process without causing any additional problems.

Our technicians also handle transponder key reprogramming services that can reconnect the key with the ignition. We can also assist you with key replacements and stuck or jammed key extraction solutions from faulty ignition cylinders.

Affordable Ignition Cylinder Replacement Prices

Our certified locksmiths offer the full range of automotive services non-stop, including after hours, on the weekends, and during the holidays. Our mobile teams are ready to meet you any time, anywhere, and replace a failed ignition cylinder that cannot be fixed using conventional methods. We offer transparent, convenient, and competitive price estimates on all of our services and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us online or by phone to learn more. Our friendly customer support representatives will be more than happy to answer all your questions. You can also consult the rest of the information you can find on our website to learn more about our line of work.

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