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Ignition Rekey Services

If you are searching for ignition re-keying services for your vehicle, give us a call. We have spent the last 10 years replacing hundreds of failed ignition cylinders and re-keying an even larger number of cylinders. We are familiar with all types and styles of ignition lock cylinders compatible with all models and makes of vehicles. Our state-of-the-art team of professional and certified car locksmiths guarantees your new keys will be a perfect match for the newly installed ignition cylinder.

If you are eager to regain control over your car, call us and hire our emergency rekey near me services. We can send over our nearest mobile car ignition locksmiths who can reach you in less than half an hour. To know more about what we are trained to do, read on.

Why Hire Our Ignition Rekeying Solutions

With no additional delays, we will make sure that the newly replaced ignition cylinder will have the matching keys that will be used to operate the vehicle. Our ignition cylinder rekeying services will allow you to immediately start using the new key on both the car lock and the ignition. Why is this necessary? Since the wafers of the new cylinder will normally need to be emptied, this will prevent the use of any of the old keys. The previous cylinder will also need to be disassembled and all code must be removed. The new cylinder will need to then be recoded in such a way that it features identical key codes as the old cylinder. If this is not done properly, you will have a key that exclusive works on the doors, but not on the ignition, or the other way around. We can assist you by rekeying the ignition so it can match the original key. We can also rekey all the locks so they can match your new key.

Ignition Re-keying Versus Ignition Replacement

Given the fact that they are basically locks, ignition cylinders can be easily dismantled and put together again using different replacement parts and internal components. Our car locksmiths specialise in rekeying both old and ignition cylinders. However, one common question that our technicians get asked quite often by our customers is whether they should have their ignition re-keyed or if they should replace the old ignition. There is no universally valid answer and the final call will need to rely on a number of factors and circumstances specific to the actual problem, the age of the car, and so on.

Just keep in mind that, when dealing with one or several broken or faulty wafers, pins, or other types of internal parts, having them replaced will usually fix the issue with the ignition. Nonetheless, it is still necessary to make sure that the current cylinder is properly keyed similarly to the door locks and the trunk lock. This is a procedure that differs from the standard rekeying and should be done by an expert.

Our Ignition Cylinder Re-key Process

Our technicians will initiate the process by accessing the cylinder and disconnecting the battery. Next, they will remove all the plastic dashboard panels in order to reach the ignition housing. After removing the cylinder from its housing, our locksmiths will proceed to slide the key inside the ignition and turn it to a certain position, usually the Accessory or the ON position. This position will be selected based on the make and model of the car.

Once the key will be efficiently aligned to the right position, our technicians will depress at least one of the security pins through a tiny hole in the cylinder’s housing. The next step is the removal of several bits made of metal with the help of specialised tools. Once all of these internal parts are removed, the actual rekeying is initiated.

This will require our locksmiths to use the code of the new key while inserting the new parts matching the key cuts. Then, the cylinder will be reassembled and the key will be repositioned in the same spot in order to remove it prior to putting back the housing unit. The final steps of the process are the reconnection of the car battery and the key test. This test will ensure that the re-keying has been done successfully. Our technicians will complete the procedure by putting the dashboard panels back in place and rekeying the gas cylinders.

Fast and Affordable Mobile Cylinder Re-keying Services

Ignition cylinder re-keying is usually regarded as a natural step of any ignition cylinder replacement job. When both re-keying and replacing are needed, our technicians will usually take around 20 to 30 minutes minutes. When the rekeying of the current cylinder is possible without actual replacement, the procedure will take less time.

Give us a call, let us know the make and model of the vehicle you need assistance with and we will provide you with additional information. We also deliver free, zero-obligation price estimates and we are proud to say that we charge the most affordable and competitive ignition cylinder re-keying prices in the region.

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