Key Fob Replacement Services

Key Fob Replacement Services

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Key Fob Replacement

A broken or faulty key fob requires immediate assistance from a professional car locksmith. The All In One Locksmith team specializes in key fob replacement solutions for all types of vehicles. We know how to tackle the process in stages and how to efficiently program the new key fob for a hassle-free experience.

While the new key fobs can be purchased by our clients, we usually recommend they rely on our experience in choosing and programming key fobs for flawless replacement jobs.

How Do We Replace Key Fobs?

Key fob replacement usually requires our technicians to follow a few well-defined steps. This is necessary to guarantee the best results. The first step of the procedure is the careful inspection of the key fob’s battery. As surprising as it might sound, sometimes a quick battery change is all that an apparently broken key fob needs to start working normally again. Assuming replacing the battery does nothing to change the state of the key fob, our technicians are ready to proceed with the next step. This is related to the use of key fob replacement parts. Namely, the remote, which can be a factory-made model or a generic one, and the right keys for it. As mentioned before, this step can also be handled by our clients. It is, therefore, entirely up to you if you would prefer to search for suitable key fob replacement parts on your own or if you would rather rely on our expertise.

Drawbacks of Buying Key Fob Replacement Parts on Your Own

Deciding to purchase these parts on your own comes with a few drawbacks. For starters, while you may be able to get the most affordable price for your new key fob, you could also very easily buy the wrong model by mistake or because of unreliable sellers. Since there are no middlemen to double-check the order, you may end up with the wrong key fob and be forced to make a new purchase. Besides the risk of wasting precious time and money, you may also receive a remote that has already been programmed. This means you will no longer be able to use it in your own vehicle. Should you receive the right model, you will still need to figure out how to have it programmed on your own.

Why Rely on Our Locksmiths to Replace Your Key Fobs?

Given their long and rich expertise in the field, our locksmiths can purchase the necessary key fob parts on your behalf without having to worry about any of the previous problems. Since they know their way around all types of fobs on all makes and models of cars, they should have no problem picking the right models and programming them the right way. More often than not, our locksmiths usually have additional key fob replacements on hand. In other words, they can save you even more valuable time as you won’t have to wait for the replacement parts to arrive.

Our professional key fob replacement crew also possesses all the necessary instructions for programming the new key fob to work on your car.

Many times, our locksmiths already know how to complete the programming as they most likely came across the same remote models in the past and they remember what to do. Nonetheless, they never initiate any key for programming jobs without first taking a look at their reliable sources and documentation published by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

After carefully selecting the correct key fob programming method and getting the replacement parts, our locksmiths will initiate the procedure.

How Is Key Fob Programming Done?

Car key fob programming does not require the locksmith to dismantle the interior of the vehicle. The opening of the onboard diagnostic port will usually suffice. To do this, our technicians will remove part of the plastic panel covering the port, while making sure to properly reinstall it once the programming is completed. It is important for this step to be completed by an experienced locksmith in order to prevent any harm to the car.

With the help of expert tools, our locksmiths will then proceed to manipulate the car’s computer and invalidate any keys you might still have. Next, the new keys will be programmed.

Some key fob programming methods do not require the manipulation of the diagnostic port. Instead, our locksmiths will rely on two different sets of keys, the mechanical keys and the key fob replacements.

If your car’s security system requires the use of the existing key fobs to create new sets, the diagnostic port will need to be opened. Luckily, it is possible to immediately cancel the programming whenever a glitch or problem is noticed by our technicians.

Competitive Key Fob Replacement Prices

If you are not sure about the procedure that would work best in your case or you have any additional questions about our car programming key fob procedure, give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer all your questions, explain the procedure step by step to you and provide you with a free price quote. We charge the most affordable key fob replacement service prices in the area. We also handle additional car unlock, lock repair, lock replacement, or key duplicate services for all known makes and models of vehicles.

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