Locked Keys in Cars

What to Do If Your Keys Are Locked in the Car 

Locking your keys inside your car is definitely not an ideal scenario to find yourself in. However, it is not the end of the world either. There are lots of ways you could go around this problem, and we have created this post to come to your help with the best locked keys in car solutions. Without further ado, here are the simplest and most common things to try to get back into your accidentally locked vehicle. 

Are You Actually Locked Out of Your Car?

While this might sound like a no-brainer, at times, you might not actually be as locked out of your car as you might imagine. How could this be? While the doors you have tried might be still locked, you may be able to find your way back into your car using an alternative entryway.  

Make sure you double-check all the doors including the trunk and the remote unlock option to be 100% certain that you are truly locked out. More often than not, you can get overwhelmed and not be fully aware of your exact situation. Keeping a clear head and things as simple as possible may help you fix the problem quicker than you might think. Taking a few extra seconds to double-check that you are really locked out of your vehicle could make all the difference, so remember to start from there. 

Is the Trunk Unlocked? 

In some instances and with some car models, you could be able to make your way back into your car via the trunk. For example, in the case of hatchback models, the trunk is not separated from the cabin in any way. At times, you may be able to use a dedicated point of access from inside the trunk to the back seat. Look for a panel that can open when pushed from the trunk.

Look Around and See What You Could Use 

If you have established that you are locked out with keys inside, it is time to assess what your immediate solutions or lockout tools are. Look around. Which tools would you use to get back into your locked vehicle? While having dedicated car lock picking tools and precise items would be ideal, you can still score success using simpler alternatives. Sometimes, a piece of string or a coat hanger could be all you need. 

You should also be able to borrow some string or a wire coat hanger pretty easily from bystanders willing to help, depending on your location. To stay safe, try to approach store staff or business owners and let them know about your problem. 

Buy Some Car Lock Picking Materials

While you might have a wedge or a probe in our locked trunk, you won’t be able to actually use them since you cannot access the trunk, to begin with. No worries, there are plenty of car part shops, home improvement stores, or even big-box stores that usually sell probes, wedges, lock picks, slim jims, or plastic straps.

You could even consider asking one of the employees there to help you out with the newly bought tools to work, in case you have zero experience using them. Just keep in mind that you may also come across potentially bad advice from a fellow novice who has never personally used the respective lock-picking tools.

Get Professional Help 

Your best bet is to always call an emergency car locksmith that can assist you with the exact assistance you need. If you cannot find any tools nearby or someone willing to help you get access to the inside of your vehicle, it’s time to call the pros. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have an expert locksmith come over and immediately pick your locks for you using specialised tools. As long as you have cell reception at the location where you have remained stranded outside your car, give us a call. We would be more than happy to assist you with the most affordable locked keys in car services. Just be repaired to provide us with a series of critical information, including your exact GPS location, the make and model of your vehicle, the exact location of the keys, and, of course, proof of ownership.

Try Using String or Rope 

If your shoes have laces on, try to use them to regain access to your locked car with keys inside. The lace or string that you can use needs to be small enough to fit between the frame and the door. This is very important to know: the string method only works on vehicles with upright locks that need to be pulled up for unlocking and pushed down for locking purposes. Tie a slip knot in the middle of the string and try to slide the string between the door and its frame. Maintain one side of the string in the parallel position with the car’s roof. Keep the second end of the string in a perpendicular position with the same rooftop. Next, attempt to slide the string forward and grab the loop around the lock. Finally, enclose the loop by pulling on it and try to pull the lock in the upwards direction. 

Try a Coat Hanger

It could also be a small piece of material that you can bend easily or that is long and sturdy enough to do its job. in the correct shape. Make a [probe by straightening the hanger and hanger and bending the hook to form a “V”. Slip it between the frame and the door, hook the upright lock, and pull it up towards you. This should open the door for you. 

Slim jims, wedges, lock picking tools, and plastic straps could also serve the same purpose. Just remember most of them come with a fair amount of risk of damage to your vehicle. Stick to the simplest and least-risky tools and methods you can think of or call for reputable locksmiths in Sydney that specialise in locked keys in car solutions. 


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