Luggage Smart Lock

How Do Smart Locks for Luggage Work?

Travelling can be just as fun as it can be dangerous. Keeping your belongings protected from potential theft attempts means being proactive and taking a series of safety measures and precautions. One of the most efficient of them refers to the use of locks on your luggage. This is a real game-changer that will add an extra sense of security and peace of mind to your future travels.

If you are interested in keeping up with the smart trends that have taken our lives by storm in the last few years, you may want to consider investing in a smart lock for your bags. If you are not sure how a smart lock on luggage works and why you should invest in it, our locksmiths have compiled a list of essentials you should know. Without further ado, let’s get started. In case you currently need emergency smart lock services for your luggage or you are searching for a different type of residential locksmith service, give us a call. We will immediately send over the nearest locksmith who will reach you in 20 minutes and assist you on the spot.

What Are Luggage Smart Locks?

A luggage smart lock is an excellent alternative to standard, physical luggage locks that use metal keys or combination codes to work. They use smart technologies and their functionality is similar to that of smart door locks you can install on a front door.

A smart lock needs to connect to a smartphone and stay within the phone’s range in order to be manipulated. This is what makes these locks excellent thief deterrents. Even if someone does manage to steal your luggage, they will not be able to unlock the smart lock without your smartphone. Plus, smart locks also have an automated re-lock feature that can prevent the bag from randomly unlocking when the rope is not pulled out from the mechanism.

How Does A Luggage Smart Lock Work?

These locks need to be paired with iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches using NFC or Bluetooth. The selected smart device that you will choose will be used to control the smart lock on your luggage via a dedicated app and screen tapping.

You can choose your favourite smart lock access control method, ranging from a passcode, Touch ID, or a simple tap on the icon of the smart lock app. Smart locks for luggage have proximity trackers that will send a real-time notification whenever your luggage will be out of the smart app’s coverage. This means your luggage will never get accidentally left behind in your hotel room, at the train station, or at the airport.

Advantages of Smart Locks

Smart locks for luggage have a series of advantages and benefits to using them. Here are some of the most important of them:

No Need to Memorise Complicated Lock Combinations

A smart lock can eliminate the hassle of having to remember the combination code made of several digits. With a smart lock, you will also not have to worry about dialling a code on a small wheel dial. This may prove to be difficult when you are in a hurry at the airport, or when you need to immediately get access to the content inside your bag.

They Feature Crowdsourced Location Tracking

Smart luggage locks are also excellent replacements for zipper padlocks solutions. They feature crowdsourced tracking solutions that will tell you the exact location of your bags at any time. This is essential when flying to your destination and having several layovers to worry about.

You Can Set Up Manual Alerts

Did you ever grab someone else’s luggage by mistake, because it looked just like yours? This is a common problem, especially in crowded airport terminals or tourist areas. A smart luggage lock lets you manually set up alerts to locate your luggage whenever you cannot find them on your own.

You will also be allowed to set up distance controls for notifications you will get from the buzzer for added peace of mind.

Smart Lock Luggage Feature Backup Access Buttons

No need to worry if you cannot find your smartphone or if you do not have any battery left and you need to unlock your luggage. These locks feature a backup button for alternative access to the luggage.

Which Are the Best Smart Locks for Luggage?

The eGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock relies on both NFC and Bluetooth and it comes with vicinity tracking and millions of encrypted IDs that can be set by users. The smart lock will let you travel without a code, key, or 3-digit dial fiddling. You can use iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above to control this smart lock, as well as Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S, and NFC Fob, as the lock also features a coin-size fob that is waterproof.

The AirBolt smart lock is a light-weighted, weatherproof TSA-approved lock that features proximity alarms and a remote sharing option for family or close friends. It also provides updated logs that will inform you exactly who opened your luggage and at what time.

For additional details on how a luggage smart lock works or for any assistance with repairing, unlocking, or setting up such a lock, feel free to contact us.


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