Make Your Garage Burglar Proof

Let’s face it, you never want to have to deal with the problem of a damaged garage door.

However, that is not the biggest security issue you have. The safety of your garage door lock can indicate more serious issues. Burglars frequently enter homes through garages. Even when you’re on vacation, a good lock can keep your garage door secure. Automatic garage door closers are helpful, but a strong lock can make your door virtually impenetrable. And burglars can still use other techniques to get inside, like rolling codes for garage door openers. Even though automatic doors typically have a remote-controlled electronic locking system, there are still many ways to secure both manual and automatic doors.

make your garage thief proof

Install a slide lock that can prevent your sliding door from opening.

How to install a slide lock

The outside keyed handle and the inside release handle should be installed.

Drill three holes on the outer skin using 3/16″ bits, followed by 5/16″ and 3/8″ holes. In order to install a T-handle outside on pan (non-insulated) doors, locate the center stile and lock holes on the outside, drill three 3/16″ holes from the inside that line up with the outer holes, and then drill three larger holes on the skin of the door. Install the inside release handle next, and then attach the two handles together with two long screws. Install the outside T-handle either vertically or horizontally on sandwich doors with insulation layers, with the outside style typically in the center. The drill bit must be perpendicular to the outside when drilling the three 3/16″ holes inside, and the inside holes must be equally spaced.

Put in spring latches. At the ends of the lock section, tighten each latch. They must be in the middle. Additionally, the cable or sash chains need to be tightened. The latches and center release handle should be attached to them. Verify the latches by turning the outside handle to see if they pull (otherwise, remove the inside handle and turn the T-handle 90 degrees).

Put the lock strikers in place. As you align the striker and spring latch, shut the garage door. Drill additional holes if required, secure the striker with two track bolts and flange nuts, and then test the lock. Then, lubricant should be applied to the latch and interior release handle. Put a C-Clamp garage door lock to use. The door can be temporarily secured using a C-clamp. When you return, you can take it out without any special tools. Find the wheel connecting your garage door to the track, and then tighten the clamp in the track above the wheel to install one. An intruder with your garage door remote can’t open it because the track is now blocked. Internal Bolt Locking Technique There is a lockable door.

Drill a hole that is just a bit larger than the bolt on a wheel that needs to be secured to the track. The bolt needs to be inserted into the track protruding from the outside. Tighten the nut to keep it in place. Master Lock usage. Surprisingly, garage doors work well with those typically used for high school lockers. Find a track wheel, then drill a hole slightly larger than the lock loop in it. Above the wheel is a drill. After that, close it after inserting the lock through the rail.

Now that the door cannot be opened, you have a pretty secure lock. Get in touch with us right away. If you require assistance installing a high-quality garage door lock and enhancing the security of your garage door, All In One Locksmith Service can help. Call +61 2 5119 2334 with your questions and/or to schedule service.


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