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Mobile Ignition Switch Replacement

If you are dealing with a damaged ignition switch that is causing your car to crank while preventing the engine to start, you are most likely looking at a missing ignition spark problem. The same goes for a scenario in which there is zero cranking and the engine refuses to start. Our expert locksmiths specialise in both ignition switch repairs and ignition switch replacement services.

Give us a call and let us send over the nearest mobile car locksmith to your address or remote location. We can reach you in less than half an hour, try to repair your faulty ignition switch or provide you with professional ignition switch solutions on the spot.

Why Is Remote Ignition Switch Replacement Necessary?

Depending on the car’s model and year, a car’s ignition switch may be found either on the dashboard or on the steering column. The switch is responsible for transferring the battery’s power to all electrical parts and accessories installed on the vehicle, as well as to the starter when the key is turned in the ignition. Provided the starter fails to receive the necessary power from the ignition key, the vehicle will not start. In case of a damaged ignition switch, the vehicle will likely not start. The same goes for the car radio, the lights, and the rest of the accessories. When a simple repair will not be able to fix the problem, ignition switch replacement is the best alternative.

Ignition Switch Assessment

To replace a faulty ignition switch, our technicians may need to remove a small number of screws or pull out the steering column as a whole. This will be determined by the car model and the type of ignition switch they will need to service. Once the switch is safely removed, its condition is thoroughly inspected. This step helps our locksmiths establish the current state of the switch and determine if they should further remove it to have it replaced. The way the electrical parts work will also help our technicians decide whether they should proceed with the replacement operation or limit their work to a few simple repairs. Please keep in mind that, on rare occasions, a faulty ignition switch will prevent you from switching off the car even when the key has been removed. This is usually a rather serious problem that should be immediately tackled by our emergency ignition switch removal team. We can reach you in just a few minutes and help you get control over your vehicle once again.

Our Ignition Switch Replacement Solutions

If your locksmiths will decide your ignition switch needs replacement at the end of their assessment, they will first inform you about their discovery and proceed to replace this important component that is vital to your car. Whether your car fails to start, if it starts but the engine dies shortly after, or if some or all of the electrical components fail to work, our technicians will fit a new ignition switch. This will be done with a series of standard procedures and specialised tools.

Given the sensitivity of the ignition switch, it is essential for this process to be completed by an experienced automotive locksmith with years of experience in the industry. The wrong move could wreak havoc on the system given the large number of electrical wires that will be exposed during the replacement. The same goes for working with the car’s electrical components. Replacing an ignition switch means much more than simply unplugging and plugging back some wires.

Once a new ignition switch will be put in place, all of its electrical parts will go through a new set of assessments to make sure they are working the right way. The switch’s design will enable drivers to select various modes, including START which will transfer power to the engine, ACCESSORIES that will power car entertainment options and lights, and RUN that will power all the electrical components of the vehicle. It is important for all of these components to be carefully checked after ignition switch replacement.

It is also possible for additional security components to be fitted inside the switch to prevent the vehicle from starting when the right key is not used, or when the push-button ignition does not receive the correct signal.

How to Tell Your Ignition Switch Needs Replacement

A damaged ignition switch will usually make it more difficult for you to turn the key. Another potential sign of a faulty switch that requires replacement is a key that refuses to turn altogether. Thirdly, you may be able to turn the key, but the engine will refuse to start. Please keep in mind that, while working closely together, the ignition switch and the ignition cylinder are two different components. Sometimes, out of lack of experience, some car owners might mistakenly believe the ignition lock cylinder needs replacement. In reality, their problem may signal they actually need to hire a mobile ignition switch replacement near me service.

Trying to jiggle, yank, or use force to turn the key in a faulty switch will make matters worse when ignition switch replacement becomes a must. Our experts have the tools, skills, and know-how needed to get your car working once again.

Convenient Ignition Switch Replacement Prices

We offer free price estimates and charge the most competitive ignition switch replacement prices in the area. Our technicians specialise in roadside assistance for all ignition cylinder and ignition switch repair and replacement needs.

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