Pool Gate Locks

Why Are Pool Gate Locks Important for Your Safety?

pool gate lock

As fun and engaging as they might be, pools represent easy targets for trespassers, potential burglars, and neighbourhood vandals. The risks associated with young children wandering into the pool area without adult supervision are also easy to guess. This is where pool gate locks come into the picture. These locks do an excellent job at not only keeping potential burglars away from your home, but they can also enhance security around the pool for the youngest or the most vulnerable members of your family.

To help you preserve safety around your pool and stop a potential tragedy from occurring, our expert home locksmiths recommend you to opt for the best gate lock models and combine them with hinges that close by themselves, alarms, and hydraulic closers. Here are some of the best pool security solutions to consider: 

Pool Gate Keyless Lever Deadbolt Locks

These lever lock models are extremely easy and convenient to use, in spite of being relatively heavy. They feature keypads on the inside and the outside of the pool fates, allowing you to use an identical code for controlling both sides of the lock. They are usually manufactured with sturdy materials that can resist both high and low temperatures and harsh weather conditions, making their location nearby pool areas a smart idea.

Magnet Locks for Pool Gates

These lock models are also excellent at securing gates surrounding pools. They come with their own latches that work automatically and they can also use your waist or hip for opening and closing when your hands are not available. These lock systems can also be used together with keyless locks and standard lock and key options. This means magnet locks for pool gates give you the freedom of selecting your desired level of security for your pool area.

Double-Sided Pushbutton Locks for Pool Gates

These models resemble keyless lever deadbolt models in the sense that they rely on double-sided push buttons for keyless entry. They can also withstand all weather conditions and they work together with access code entries for both sides of the gate. This means you should enjoy higher levels of protection.

Swimming Pool Locks

These are devices usually made of stainless steel that can be fitted right on top of your pool gates. They open whenever they are pressed and twisted and they do an excellent job at keeping vulnerable household members with an emphasis on young children better protected from accidentally wandering inside the pool. They are also helpful for preventing potential burglars from getting closer to your home thieves who want to get in. These models usually come with latches that automatically shut down, along with self-hinges. They can also be controlled with the help of keys and they are suitable for both small and large gates. 

Security Knobs for Pool Areas

These special knob models usually require extra coordination and effort to open the swimming pool gate. Security for these locks basically relies on the use of a key and the fact that removing such a security knob would normally take a lot of time, energy, and effort.

Pool Security Alarms for Kids 

Pool gate locks are excellent for keeping burglars and trespassers away and enhancing security for children who are not allowed to roam around the pool without any adult supervision. However, pool security alarms for children can guarantee even pool safety for those who are actually allowed to use it. 

Poolguard alarms that rely on electric sensors for gauging the flow and ebb of the water can be fitted on the side of the pool. By constantly assessing the movement of the water inside the pool, these sensors will let you know whenever someone or something under a certain weight is using the pool. When this occurs, a pool alert is sounded. The same goes for any attempt to remove such an alarm from the water. Whenever small children or pets may attempt to get inside the water while the pool is still covered, the alarm will not go off. These systems are sold with a number of different other add-ons and enhanced protection features to lower the risk of accidental drowning and similar pool accidents.

Pool Patrol Alarms

These systems are excellent solutions that can add even more layers of protection to your pool area. In order to be fitted and used, you will not have to worry about making any structural modifications to the deck areas or the pool itself. These patrol alarms for pools can easily and automatically detect any motions from pets and children. They can also be uninstalled with ease and moved to a different pool on the spot. They allow users to adjust the sensitivity of the devices to prevent false alarms from sounding nonstop in windy weather. They usually do an excellent job at sensing people and objects that are a minimum weight and they also score good results in pools of different sizes.

No matter if you are looking for some sturdy pool gate locks to keep potential intruders outside or if you would like to enhance your children’s protection around the pool, our professional Sydney locksmiths are ready to assist you with the most suitable recommendations and installation services at good locksmith prices.


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